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It all started with a dream…

It all started with a dream…

By February 3, 2016 News and Events 2 Comments
Tony Johnson Boxing and Conclave Agency

But it did not begin as a childhood dream – I didn’t always want to train people through an online boxing program. It came as the type of dream that occurs when you wake up out of a dead sleep at 3:00 AM and think: “Damn! That’s a great idea…”

This is exactly what happened. It felt as if God was talking to me through all my prayers.

“I felt like maybe this could be it. But it was still just an idea, and a pretty crazy idea at that because I had no clue how to follow through with it.”

I have had so many “million dollar” ideas in the past that quickly fizzled out without the ability to execute, but this one was different. I had been thinking about how I could put this idea into effect all day long. Later that day, I was at the XMA gym training my regular clients, when one of my students, Gabriel Lomeli, co-founder of Conclave Agency, approached me and simply dropped a quick line in between punches. He asked how his company and I could work together. With no clue of the dream that I had the night before, it seemed like the answer was right in front of me. It was the perfect fit to the puzzle, so I responded by asking if we could please meet for coffee because I needed to discuss and idea with him.

It was as simple as that. The relationship had begun to form. A few days later we got together at Bellano’s coffee shop and I explained the details of the dream, the program, and the overall vision. The Conclave team was totally into it and we shook hands and clicked up. Overall, it was still just an idea, a great idea, but an idea. Nothing was on paper, it was just an overall thought in my head and I had no clue the steps needed to put the plan into action.

This is normally where I would have let my idea fizzle out, but I believe God puts everyone in your life for a certain reason. I viewed Conclave as a gift God blessed me with. They went full steam ahead, designing a step-by-step road map of what I needed to do and what our next steps for execution were. They truly believed in me and my idea, which was so motivating to me. While I was busy training for upcoming fights, along with training clients, they were putting in the extra work outside of the boxing aspect and keeping me on task (which is super important for me considering that I am an athlete that has always had a coach – I sometimes need to be pointed in the right direction).

Tony Johnson Boxing and Conclave AgencyTony Johnson Boxing and Conclave Agency

It still seemed like just an idea to me until the night of the first shoot. I was so impressed when I saw how professional the Conclave team was with their approach, from the lighting to the execution of the shot list. I knew right then this was no longer just an idea but something special. I had a team of guys behind me that made me feel like we could conquer the fitness and boxing world. Conclave has provided me with an amazing experience and a new group of friends. This partnership has really been a blessing and a gift from god. Without Conclave, tonyjohnsonboxing.com would not exist. They have helped give me a platform to share my knowledge and change the lives of people around the world. I am thankful God has put them in my life and am excited to show the world what this team can do!


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