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Finishing a Fight

Finishing a Fight

By January 14, 2016 Tips One Comment
Tony Johnson Boxing Finishing Up A Fight

Using Setup Strategies to Maximize Power and Finish a Fight

When I first saw this video I was very critical of my finish. I thought that there was much to improve on, including the technique of my punches. Finishing the fight was a great learning experience and I was able to execute some effective strategy during this sequence.

Setting up a body shot with a flurry of hard punches to the head is a combination concept I love to teach in my program. In this video I had him hurt (6:43) and I wanted to make a safety deposit in the bank, so I set up a hard right hand to the body. I was able to get to the body with the right hand because as the flurry of head punches were thrown, he lifted his elbows while attempting to defend himself.

After his elbows were lifted, his ribs were exposed and I lowered my level as I threw the right hook to the body (6:46), creating head movement during my attack and maximizing my power.


Attacking the body in a situation like this is setting up success for the later rounds. Fighters can recover from

head shots and come back, but body work ensures the damage will have a lasting effect.

I still think that I can improve this finish by sharpening my attack, but it is always a “Win­Win” if you can learn from a good performance.


Photo by Tri Nguyen Photography

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